Ever feel trapped by your ADHD?

There is hope!

  • Are you tired of procrastinating and running out of time?

  • Do you feel like everything is just a moment away from falling apart?

  • Is your life more chaos than calm?

  • Are you tired of never seeming to “get it done”?

  • Is ADHD creating problems in your job, marriage or  ability to have a relationship?


Join the Best Year Ever with ADHD program today!

Each month, you will learn about a key challenge area of ADHD and how to manage it better.  Imagine not struggling anymore with:

* Time Blindness             * Procrastination           * Planning

* Memory                           * Impulsivity                    * Organization

* Prioritization                 * Distractability              * Sleeping

* ADHD Medications     *And MORE!


How the Best Year Ever with ADHD Program Works:
  • Each month you will receive an email with that month’s Best Year Ever with ADHD one hour audio on a specific topic significant to better managing your ADHD. These audios are yours to keep and listen to whenever you like, need a refresher or just to keep you motivated and moving forward.
  • You will also receive BONUS emails every month with additional tips and strategies to keep you invested and motivated.
  • An invitation to join Laurie’s community on the  Coaching for ADHD Facebook group where 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can share successes, receive support on challenges, and be connected with other positive people looking to reach their goal of making this their best year ever with ADHD.

If you want to learn about key challenge areas of ADHD, better ways of managing it, create lasting change and
finally “get things done”, this is the program for you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: It’s a few months into the new year, is it too late for me to sign up for the Best Year Ever with ADHD?

A: No, it’s never too late to have your “Best Year Ever with ADHD!” You can sign up at any point during the year.  Start the 12 month program now…there is no need to wait. YOUR best year ever can start as soon as you sign up!


Q: What if I can’t listen in right away when I get the audio?

A: You can listen and use the information when you are ready to. Save it if you like. It is yours to listen to over and over. Download the mp3 and handouts and store them on your computer or music player. The audios and BONUS handouts are yours to keep.


Q: I have a hard time staying motivated and worried I might want to give up even though I know it’s helpful.

A: Perfect! The Best Year Ever with ADHD program include  additional BONUS emails from me to cheer you on and keep your motivation going. And you will also receive an invitation to join a private Facebook group just for program members, where other people just like you are working on making this their best year ever with ADHD.  You will have 24 hour, seven day a week access to ask questions, share successes and interact with others who “get it”.


 Q: What exactly will I be learning?

Each month’s audio will focus on a specific feature of ADHD and will offer information and strategies. Below is a list of the specific topics we will address:

Class 1:  Getting started: What Do You Really Want?

Class 2:  The HOW: Getting into Action

Class 3: Get Organized

Class 4: Using Fidgets to Keep You Focused

Class 5: Pillow Talk: Getting Sleep with ADHD

Class 6: Better Time Management: Putting an End to Time Robbers

Class 7: Impulsivity and Emotionality and Other ADHD Hazards

Class 8: Do You “Mis-remember”?: Memory and ADHD

Class 9: What’s Your Disco Ball?: Staying Motivated

Class 10: Keys to Reducing Distractibility

Class 11: Secrets to ADHD Planning Success

Class 12: ADHD Medications: The Three Top Medication Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

laurie-photoThe Best Year Ever with ADHD signature program was created by Laurie Dupar,  PMHNP, RN, PCC of Coaching for ADHD. Laurie has specialized in coaching people with ADHD for the past ten years and is the editor and co-author of the ADHD Awareness Book Project series. As a trained Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Senior Certified ADHD Coach, Laurie knows that understanding your ADHD is the biggest step to managing the symptoms. In monthly audios and support emails she will help you understand your ADHD, navigate through the treatment maze and design the best strategies to manage your ADHD challenges and create lasting change.



How You Can Sign Up

Now is always a good time to get into action. As soon as you sign up, you will receive the first audio within the hour.  You can start making changes in your life immediately all the way through the next 12 months! I’ll be with you every step of the way. No need to wait!

The cost for the class is a bargain at $27/month.

For the best rate, invest in the 12 month program for $324 (that’s less than $1 a day!) or break down the investment into three easy payments of only $117. Simply click on the button below and you will be on your way to your Best Year Ever with ADHD!


Now just imagine the feeling 12 months from now when you’ve completed the program…

What would it feel like to have Your Best Year Ever?


Questions about the Best Year Ever with ADHD program? Email Laurie Dupar today and she will answer quickly so you don’t lose any more time…

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